Patagonia, La Leóna hotel in Santa Cruz, Argentina.

My name is Tomasz Turczynski

I am a photographer, adventure seeker based in London who loves extreme sports, travel, 360° and just recently wildlife photography. Welcome to my website, where I share my journey with the world.

Here is a collection of my work from the past few years. Please follow my blog and my Instagram feed for most recent updates.

My journey started in 2008 when I bought my first Olympus camera and decided to start a newspaper / magazine called NewsPress which quickly allowed me to get more experience and access to many popular events.

I've tried many different aspects of photography including models, weddings, sports, astro-photography, but photographing motor sports, landscapes and wildlife is something I am mostly interested in.

I am also Google Street View Trusted accredited photographer offering high quality and inexpensive photo spheres to help you shine on Google Maps with Virtual Tours of your business.