Me and my friends were planning to get out this weekend to the park to oversee and help them out with their new camera, we ended up going to Kew Gardens. It was sunny most of the day, with some clouds every now and then, and we managed to get some nice photos especially when we were greeted by some nice sets of tulips at the gate.

The Hive - Installed at Kew Gardens in 2016, is a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. It was closed for essential maintenance work, so we couldn't get underneath.

Princess of Wales Conservatory - most complex of Kew's public glasshouses contains ten different environments covering a range of tropical conditions and climatic zones. This was quite interesting walk, and took us the most time, a lot of cool photo opportunities. 

Pagoda - Visible for miles around, ten-storey octagonal structure is almost 50m high and is one of Kew Gardens' landmark buildings. Unfortunately undergoing restoration until 2018 and whole part of the garden was closed.

Treetop Walkway - the treetop canopy 18 metres above the woodland floor, allows you to walk through the treetops and see views right across London, which are not that spectacular, and this time of year doesn't give you full experience, as trees still have no leaves.

Prices in local cafeterias gone crazy though, a small hot dog with a bratwurst sets you back £7.50, plus can of coke £2.50, which ranks them higher than at the airports.

Shame on you Royal Botanic Gardens when most iconic attractions are closed and you still charging full entry price. Overall our visit was good and productive.