I got curious about this product after seeing their Kickstarter campaign, this was also due to me travelling to some remote places in Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, where I knew I might not always have a place to buy bottled water and was worried about the quality or safety of the drinking water there.

Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle

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This came up as a suggestion in Google results after I've been researching some products similar to Brita Fill&Go bottle which in reality only changes the taste and does not remove bacteria nor viruses.

The Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle is an innovative water treatment solution designed to remove viruses, bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and heavy metals from back-country water sources. Unlike other water filters and treatment methods, the Grayl Purifier does not require batteries, ultraviolet light bulbs, hoses, straws, pumping, sucking, or waiting for a chemical reaction to complete.

The Grayl purification cartridge / filter is rated for 150 litres / 300 uses, making it a better solution for occasional use on day hikes, mountain bike rides, or light backpacking trips.

How it works?

  • Fill
    Capture suspect water from anywhere in the world (streams, lakes, sketchy taps, hotel sinks, bathrooms).
  • Press
    Utilizing your body weight for mechanical advantage, press purifier wth steady downward force.
  • Drink
    It takes about 15-20 seconds, and your drinking water is ready for consumption.


My reflections and recommendation

The water I drank from the Grayl tasted great, one thing I haven't tried though is to take water from a stream or a lake, as there was no such necessity, but I've taken water from any random tap (train, plane, toilet or kitchen) and taste of the water was always the same.

This is a good addition to my travel kit, especially on airports, where you go through the security and just refill in the closest tap you can find. No more buying expensive water bottles and worrying about forgetting to throw away the one you have in your backpack before the security checks.

It's made of sturdy plastic material. I like the fact that it’s completely self-contained and includes an integrated cup and bottle which makes it super easy to pack, it's a joy to use and may very well be the only water bottle that I'd need for travelling.


Disclosure: I did not receive this product from Grayl - I bought it myself from Amazon UK - and this is not a sponsored post. It's my humble review after using it for more than two weeks in remote places.