It was Thursday when I realised that there is a long weekend this week, and I hadn't got any plans. I was always thinking of going to Snowdonia, so I quickly researched hotels and means of transport. With that I had Spaceships Campervan Hire on my mind, as I used them last year for Goodwood Festival of Speed and experience was really amazing.

With that in mind i wanted to book one, but there was a problem - I needed one next day (Friday) and the system would only allow me to have one on Saturday. I booked it anyway with a start time as early as possible, but I added a note to pick it earlier. There was a bit of confusion from their side and they changed it that I would be picking it up at the end of Saturday.

Spaceships Campervan Hire UK & Europe -

After a quick call to them mid Friday - they are really flexible which I really liked - I could pick up the car on the same day! YES the same day, just after work - AMAZING! This will be my Camper Van hire company for future.

So, after work on Friday, quickly rushed to their offices (they actually changed the address since I last time used them, and it was bit further away now then I expected) and picked up the car. Because it was quite busy on the roads I got back home pretty late.

Because I didn't think I could have a car on Friday I wasn't prepared for anything, so after reaching home I quickly packed myself up, made some dinner, went to shop for some supplies, and planned a little on where to actually go.

After a while I decided to go to Cornwall, and it was a good decision, but badly executed as I cruised throughout the south coast of England for few days and only spend last one around Land's End, but more on that later.

First stop: Durdle Door

OnePlus 5 Portrait mode

It was about 24:00 when I actually left the house, and decided to go to Durdle Door for some cool sunrise shots. Also keeping in mind that they have a caping site just above the beach, I thought I would shoot some photos with the van, etc. Unfortunately they were full, which I found out when I reached the place. Had to wander around to find a suitable spot for the night, and decided - weirdly - that I would go and scout the location first... Just about 3am I reached back the car and went to sleep.

Waking up that early (sunrise was around 5am) was a little bit problematic as I hadn't have much sleep. Packed everything I needed and went for the trek - I already knew it will be around 20 minutes from the car. Decided to go around from the west side - not through the main road. It took me about the estimated time to get there, and I was taking pictures on my way too.

Sunrise unfortunately was more to the north, so catching sun over the rocks was not possible.

On my way back I flew the Mavic Pro drone for a bit, which lost a connection from the remote when it was around 100 meters form the remote on the open space and no obstacles to interfere with the RF waves. It returned home as intended though so I packed things up and went back to hit the road.

Next up: Isle of Portland


I had some spots on my way there on the list, but didn't end up stopping as I realised I was quite limited on time. After arriving at the top of the Isle there were many interesting views, and I would normally stop every few hundred meters to go for different angles.

Views from the top were amazing, after having breakfast and a quick Yerba Mate sip I went for the lighthouse at the end of the isle.


Sidmouth is a place where I had some markers on the map that would be nice for photos, but unfortunately without some hike they were inaccessible for me as I was rushing to go further.

Tintagel Castle

The day gone by so quickly, and I just realised that I have about hour and half till the sun will set, and I was on the wrong coast. Checked the distance and time needed to reach some place on the West coast. From the pins I had on the map I've picked up Tintagel Castle, it was 1h 25m away from where I was, leaving me 5 minutes for some photography. 

Off I went, but just as I was close by I noticed some weather anomalies I never seen before - the fog had reached the shores so quickly - I observed this from the hill above the castle, and at this time I decided not to go down there, as that would mean no sunset shots. There was no time to find a spot so I used what I had seen on my way there as some background, and flew a drone a little. 

By the time I landed the fog almost reached me, so I packed my toys and went to the town, this was really wired experience - like from the movie Mist. I drove around and decided not to spend too much time there.

Now it was time to plan some sunrise shots, and because I rushed to the west coast, I would have to go back to the south east for that... Found one of the pins I had there and rushed to find a perfect spot around there.


This little village had a lighthouse - perfect for sunrise shots - and as I found out I could literally park in front of it, as there was a parking in the port overlooking the lighthouse.

Quick breakfast, set the alarm, payed for the parking and went to sleep. Woke up next day to some nice sunrise - no clouds though to add more colours to photos.

National Trust Lizard Point

Next on the list of pins was Lizard Point, and after few Yerba Mate sips and some breakfast I was on the road. Reached the spot pretty quickly, that meant I could spend a little bit more time than I expected to.

This place was amazing, lots of birdwatchers made me take long lens with me, and look for some opportunities to capture some birds as well.

St Michael's Mount

I forgot to check the tides before reaching St Michael's Mount, but it was just perfect, tide was gone, so I could seat on the rocks outside of the city and fly a drone a little. Took some photographs too!

It's a nice place, but I didn't end up going to the island, as it was overcrowded and I hate overcrowded touristy places ;-)

Porthcurno Beach

Before I reached Lands End, there was this beach to check out on my way there. Parked my spaceship at the The Minack Theatre parking and wend bit down to the beach, as it happened it was already partially covered with shade so I turned back to finish the day at the Lands End.

Lands End

Quick drive and here I am - at the end of the land or Peal Point as they say.

Stayed here and enjoyed rest of the day watching how thick mist is covering the land - amazing experience! You have to see it yourself.

Gwithian Towans Beach

To finish this day I wanted to catch the sunset somewhere on the west coast, so I found myself a beach for surfers - meaning I could park a car just in front of the sea and watch it going. Unfortunately fog was all over the place and I could see no see at all.

Spaceships Campervan Hire UK & Europe -

Decided to stay there for the night and see how it goes in the morning.

Next day fog was still there, so I went to check out some ruins nearby. Which were amazing actually, but with this fog it looked like a horror movie.

I met a fellow photographer there (Stephen Dadd - check him out), which happened to be a local, so he told me about some spots to check out that people would normally not go. But I didn't have enough time, as I had about 5-6 hours of driving back.

On my way I passed through Stonehenge but didn't stay there - left that for another day.

Altogether it was 3 days and 1000 miles, and I need to get back there to explore more, but the north west coast this time.